Monday, April 20, 2009


Life is short, achievements are to be great to get noticed and get paid. Some big ideas which can change the way we live have to be persuaded for a long time, and we don't have time due to the factor of time. Small time achievements are meant for no one. Living a sixty year life for feeding self and family should be the last resort.
Only few brave people hatch out of the system to struggle and get the things done what they want to.
Problem is the people with great brain and great ideas fail to succeed because they get lost in the fancy of appraisals and small time benefits. These small time worldly benefits are meant for weaker people.
These days we have had many examples of the kind where we could see the University dropouts to succeed far better than their peers who completed their degree.
Take for example Microsoft, Twitter, Facebook , etc, all these company have been started by the university dropouts and they are hiring the best mind available in the market.
Not only those who are the new global entrepreneurs. We can these days see new remarkable scientists who have broken the shell of being the regular type P.hd holder to make the difference in the scientific world.
There is no system in the world which can decide the future of any candidate by his performance in one basic study course and limited time exams.
Someone’s determination can be judged by test, IQ can also be but the approach towards life cannot be and can never be, one man’s point of view and approach changes with time, its always not the case that the maturity teaches more than the virtue of understanding.
Life is a great teacher but for whom.
In short duration of life if continuously keep evolving the pattern of living and the way to happily live only our own life then when will we pursue the greater tasks.
The greater task is of greater meaning and greater moral values.
The task forbidden is taken by the people in problem. The good tasks are ignored by middle class. The approach to bring change by upper class people are misinterpreted by others.
We are in the period of huge change and greater social clashes with the cultures which often lead to violence. After being seen so many changes in the world and religious institution proved wrong so many times by science. We still believe in god and we will always do. Social and moral changes are bound to been seen for a long period of time from now also. As long as we continue to see new faces of science and cultures.
We are living in a period of change. As the time will pass by our successors will look back and wonder how we in the present neo-age would have lived and perceived life.
And the successors will be of those period when gods all religion will be one and religion will be stability.